live oak, live edge charcuterie boards

$80.00 $90.00

Branch out with this marvelously mesmerizing small batch of live edge Live Oak charcuterie boards! Sourced from a section of a felled Central Texas Live Oak tree, this timber has been cleaned up and cared for to be front and center. Each board is one of a kind and highlights a unique, distinctive grain pattern while maintaining the organic curves of the tree's natural edge. 

  • handmade from live oak hardwood sourced in central texas
  • ideal use for charcuterie, appetizers, serving board or a general centerpiece
  • finished with 100% USP food grade oil and sealed with genuine beeswax
  • small: 16"L, varying widths w/ ~8" at widest, 1.25"H
  • large: 24-27"L, varying widths w/ ~8" at widest, 1.25"H

basic care: hand wash with mild dish soap ONLY, air dry only, apply F&C wood butter to hydrate, recondition, and renew wood's luster. 

**in depth care details can be found on our Tips & Care page.

***this item is handcrafted. colors and woodgrain may vary from the above images.