frequently asked questions

what is fleming & cazalas?

Fleming & Cazalas (FLEH-M-ing and Kazz-uh-las) is a platform for makers Amelia Fleming and Torrey Cazalas to offer handcrafted goods from their home studio and workshop in Austin, Texas.

who makes the goods sold by fleming & cazalas?

All items listed in the Fleming & Cazalas shop are created by Amelia &/or Torrey, unless otherwise noted.  The duo do not harvest the wood or cart the cotton, we utilize found and available materials when making.

do you offer custom creations?

Yes! We love to work with individuals and businesses to design and create something unique for your space. The process for custom creations is collaborative and takes four to six weeks. What is your space missing? What colors, patterns, textures do you prefer? What is your budget? Let us know your needs and we’ll get to work!

do you accept returns or exchanges?

The short answer, no. However, we understand specific circumstances arise that way warrant a return. 

Please carefully read the product descriptions and contact us with questions, before purchasing an item.  We try to include as much information as possible when listing an item and are happy to answer any additional questions.  If you are unhappy with a item, please contact us. We want all packages opened with a smile and want to meet your expectations!

i don’t see what i’m looking for, do you have more in stock?

If a particular item is sold out, or you’re looking for it in a certain color, size, shape, etc., let us know and we’ll do our best to get you what you’re wanting. Contact us!