naturally dyed beeswax wrap set


Reduce plastic use and add a pop of color to your kitchen with these naturally dyed beeswax wraps!

  • eco friendly, reusable, antibacterial, biodegradable

  • naturally dyed with a mix of of cochineal, sumac bark, onion skins, madder root, osage, safflower, cosmos, marigolds, logwood, black beans and more
  • hand waxed with pure beeswax, almond oil, and pine resin
  • set includes: 1–13x13", 1–10x10", 1–7x7", 1–4x4", 2–twist ties
  • hand wash with cool water and mild soap and hang to dry

These beeswax wraps are hand dyed by Amelia and hand waxed by Bastrop Bee Co.