hardwood couch cuff


No room for a side table? Need a place to set your drink or phone while kicked back watching Netflix? Want to make couch life more cushy? The solution is the Couch Cuff.

Custom handmade from solid hardwood, the Couch Cuff sits over your couch arm (like a small armchair table) allowing for a convenient and flat surface for you to place your drink, food, phone, etc.

Couch Cuffs have a standard surface length of 14" and a 5.5" overhang on both sides of the arm.

Measuring for the right Cuff size: Measure your couch's arm width (inches) and select the corresponding, or closest measurement in the drop down selection menu. Measure carefully! F&C will make to your specification and not be responsible for incorrect sizing. If you have an irregular couch arm or need assistance measuring, email us with any questions and we'll gladly help out!

***This item is made to order and takes 2-3 weeks to ship.

  • handmade from locally sourced hardwood of your choice with contrasting hardwood dowel accents

  • all surfaces and edges are sanded to a silky smooth finish to prevent any marring or damage to the couch

  • finished with multiple coats of a high quality, satin waterborne polyurethane for durability and protection.

  • dimensions: length- 14", overhang on sides - 5.5", width - customer's selection