hardwood spatulas


A classic and dependable addition to your everyday kitchen utensils. Delicately shaped and sanded by hand for a smooth and comfortable grip. Our spatulas are made from premium hardwoods and coated in a food grade oil then sealed with organic beeswax.

  • handmade from solid walnut, cherry or mesquite hardwood
  • choose from two edge profiles: flat paddle - flipping, stirring, scraping or curved - folding, stirring, reaching corners of a pan
  • non marring - ideal choice for nonstick pans and safe on any pan or skillet
  • durable & long lasting premium hardwood
  • coated with 100% food grade oil & sealed with organic beeswax

  • 12" x 2.5 x .5"

Care: Handwash with mild dishsoap (never place in dishwasher!), air dry only, apply Wood Butter to recondition and hydrate wood. 

For more in depth details on caring for your wooden goods, visit our Tips & Care page.